Sutton Presentation Program

To encourage sales for the Sutton cabinetry line, RiverRun is offering incentive rewards for both the Sales Reps and RiverRun dealers.


How it works:
1. Download the PowerPoint Presentation and PDF (located below).
2. Schedule training date with your dealers and their designers.
3. Show the PowerPoint presentation and your Sutton mini base during your scheduled training. Print and leave behind the PDF copy.
4. The dealer and yourself must sign the Product Training Completion form and submit to Carol Swinehart. (Form is located on the last page of the PDF.)
5. When the dealer purchases $1,000 in Sutton cabinets, YOU will be rewarded with an extra $100!
6. After the presentation/training, the dealer qualifies for a FREE Sutton display.  (Displays must be approved by the Sales Rep and ordered on the RiverRun Online Order system.  These displays must also be installed within 30 days of receiving the cabinetry or the display invoice is due. A photo of the installed display must be sent to Carol Swinehart to avoid being charged for the display.)

Presentation PDF (for printing)

• Incentive runs until December 31, 2018
• The Product Training Completion Form must be signed by RiverRun Sales Rep and the dealer and submitted Carol Swinehart to be eligible for sales incentive.
Send form to: email:  or  fax: 540-438-1992
• Fill out the Free Display Certificate and leave that with the dealer after your training session.


Also Don’t Forget…
  • Sales Rep Contest – thru Dec. 31, 2018
    1- $500 VISA gift card for the tops sales (percentage increase)
    1- $500 VISA gift card for most new dealers with $1,000 in sales
  • 10% Off ALL Sutton Orders