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Prokitchen Catalog

Link to the current NEW ProKitchen catalogs (Jun 3, 2019)
CLASSIC ProKitchen Catalog– PC

CLASSIC ProKitchen CatalogMac

FULL ACCESS ProKitchen CatalogPC

FULL ACCESS ProKitchen CatalogMac


Please Note:  In order to use the above ProKitchen / RiverRun catalogs, you will need ProKitchen software.  If you do not currently own the software,  ProKitchen has a special offer for RiverRun dealers on their manufacturer’s edition software.

A yearly subscription for $1195.00 per year or purchase for $1,845.00 with a yearly renewal of $645.00.
(The full online program starts at $3045.00,  so this is a great value!)

Click the link below, to visit the ProKitchen website.