2023 Photo Contest Details


1st Place
Apple iPad Pro with Pencil (or $900 cash)

2nd Place
$450 Visa Gift Card (or $450 cash)

3rd Place
Amazon Echo Show (or $230 cash)


  • Remember props make the photo. Please consider clean and stylish use of props in your photos. Flowers and bowls of fruit go a long way.
  • Professional photography makes all the difference.
  • Daylight photos are usually a “must” unless there are no windows in your project shot.
  • Make sure you fill out all waivers and include the homeowner’s information. We want to make sure everyone is recognized.
  • Photos should be of high quality with a minimum of 300 dpi and 2400 x 3000 px in size.


The Contest was judged by the CDI marketing team. All votes and decisions of the panel are final.

Judges evaluate all qualifying entries on the following four criteria:

  • Aesthetically pleasing overall kitchen design
  • Functionality of overall kitchen design
  • Lighting and tasteful use of props
  • Clean and professional or professional-looking photography

In addition to the four aspects listed above, the judges took into consideration which of the entries was the most surprising, fascinating, out-of-the-box thinking and design features.