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2020 Design Catalog Orders
Using an outdated 2020 Design catalog may lead to errors in cabinet orders!

To ensure that your order is accurate, it is imperative that you use the latest 2020 Design catalog (RRC_44 – June 5, 2024) available on the Quick Links menu to the left. 

This will prevent any missing or incorrect SKUs from being included in your order. We strongly recommend that you take the time to download and use the latest catalog, to avoid any potential issues.

New Products and Promotions!

2024 Brochures are HERE!

This new brochure features ALL of our current door styles and colors in a beautifully printed 6″ x 9″ quad-fold brochure including several photos of RiverRun projects by our talented designers!

It also highlights our most popular accessories!

The brochures are sold in packs of 25 for $15 (net) and are now available to order on the Online Order site! (Listed under the Sales Aid tab with code QUADFOLDRRC.)

Order yours TODAY!

New Product Launch – January 26th!

This gorgeous Peppercorn Paint is just one of the new products, set to debut in our upcoming January 26th New Product Launch. 🚀  (Peppercorn will be available on all of our door styles including: Cambridge, Jefferson (MDF and Oak), Hampton and Parkview.

Other Products included with this New Product Launch:
      • 39″ Tall Wall Cabinets – in various widths
      • 93″ Pantries – in various widths
      • 93″ Oven Cabinet – in various widths
      • Optional 5-piece & Combo Drawer Fronts for Jefferson door style (in Oak and MDF)
      • New Prep for Glass Installation Method – with recessed plastic retainer clip for easy glass installation
      • Updated Starter Kits
      • New Mouldings – including larger Crown Moulding and new Light Rail moulding (Coming Soon!)
      • Mirror FramesComing Soon!

Starter Kit Update – available January 26th!

What’s included:
  • 9 Sample Doors: You get the opportunity to customize the set for your market. Select the door styles and colors that are popular in your area.
  • Base Moulding Color Chip Kit: This kit includes ALL of our current Standard Paints, Paints on Oak, Stains on Maple, Stains on Birch, and Stains on Oak. The 5.5″ x 4.5″ Base Moulding Chips are neatly organized in a 20″ x 12″ Birch Dovetail Drawer Box with dividers to label each group and show the high-quality dovetail drawer box construction.
  • Moulding Kit: This kit includes our current Trim Moulding Options cut into 3″ pieces and displayed in our Euro Box Drawer Box showcasing the Euro Box construction details. (New Crown and Light Rail Moulding additions coming soon!)

These items can also be purchased a la carte: (list prices shown below)
Starter Kit – $1,016
Base Moulding Color Chip Kit – $656
Moulding Kit – $125