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2023 Dealer Emails (newest to oldest):

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    NEW Dealer Site Feature – RiverRun Email Archive! (sent 9.19.23 at 4:12 pm EST)

    Meet our Customer Service Team (sent 9.13.23 at 9:32 am EST)

    Did You Know… (sent 9.8.23 at 10:025 am EST)

    Parkview Paints Available Sept. 29th (sent 8.31.23 at 11:42 am EST)

    2023 Updated Cabinet Collection Brochure is HERE! (sent 8.25.23 at 11:04 am EST)

    Exciting News…New Products & Promos  (sent 8.23.23 at 11:17 am EST)

    Dealer Days Thank You! (sent 8.18.23 at 9:12 am EST)

    5% Off! (sent 8.2.23 at 11:23 am EST)

    Attention: 2020 Design and ProKitchen Users (sent 8.1.23 at 12:49 pm EST)

    Thank You Discounts (sent 7.27.23 at 12:00 pm EST)

    Important Notice: Order Site Back ONLINE! (sent 7.12.23 at 12:11 pm EST)

    REMINDER: Server Upgrade in 30 minutes! (sent 7.11.23 at 4:00 pm EST)

    Updated 2020 Design Catalog NOW Available (sent 7.11.23 at 10:57 am EST)

    System Outage TODAY! (sent 7.11.23 at 9:07 am EST)

    Today is THE DAY – Launch Day! (sent 6.30.23 at 10:35 am EST)

    New Drawer Front Options – Available Friday (sent 6.28.23 at 11:59 am EST)

    New Items at RiverRun THIS Friday! (sent 6.26.23 at 11:55 am EST)

    New SKUs Coming June 30th! (sent 6.15.23 at 3:31 pm EST)

    The SpecBook is NOW Online! (sent 6.7.23 at 9:10 am EST)

    New Shelf Clips & Shipping Clips (sent 5.25.23 at 2:18 pm EST)

    Attention: 2020 Design Users – Catalog Update! (sent 5.12.23 at 3:24 pm EST)

    Online Order Site Up and Running Again (sent 4.24.23 at 9:45 am EST)

    Online Order Site Down & Price Adjustment Reminder (sent 4.20.23 at 1:56 pm EST)

    2023 Cabinet Collection Brochure is HERE! (sent 4.12.23 at 1:22 pm EST)

    Price Adjustments Reminder with Door Chart (sent 4.7.23 at 3:30 pm EST)

    Got Questions? We’ve got QUICK answers (sent 4.7.23 at 8:44 am EST)

    We heard you! (sent 3.31.23 at 8:00 am EST)

    Price Adjustments – effective 4.24.23 (sent 3.24.23 at 8:00 am EST)

    Launch 3.1.23 – Only 5 More Days! (sent 2.24.23 at 8:15 am EST)

    Two New Features on the Online Order site (sent 2.14.23 at 8:14 am EST)

    Launch 3.1.23 Announcement (sent 2.9.23 at 12:58 pm EST)

    Server Maintenance Complete (sent 1.25.23 at 9:34 am EST)

    Server Maintenance Reminder 01.24.23 (sent 1.20.23 at 8:00 am EST)

    Important Housekeeping Reminders for 2023 (sent 1.13.23 at 4:22 pm EST)

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