RiverRun SpecBook

Damages & Warranties


    • In the event that you have a damaged or warranty item, we will take the most expeditious measures to replace the damaged parts.
    • Your prompt response to the damage order confirmation request will keep the order moving as quickly as possible.  All damages/warranties require approval of order acknowledgment.  Orders will not be processed without written approval confirmation.
    • Shipping damage must be reported within 15 days.
    • Please check the cabinet/parts before installation as we will not replace the case after it has been installed.
    • Please review our warranty before submitting a claim.


    • Complete the Warranty Form.  (The link can be found in the top right corner of the Online Order site’s menu bar, under “Warranty.”)  
    • Include photos of the damage.  This information is critical for reimbursement, processing, and development of future preventative measures.  Replacement forms must include a photo in order for a replacement to be sent at no charge.
    • Do not use, destroy or discard the damaged item.  It is required that the item be available for the shipping company to retrieve. We will contact you to arrange for pickup.  If the carrier is unable to reclaim the part, you will be charged for the replacement.
    • Customer Service will send you an Order Acknowledgment if your warranty claim is approved.
    • Please respond to that Order Acknowledgment email with approval or any necessary changes.  Orders will not be processed without written approval confirmation.